A Proven Method

Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung Fu is a martial arts training system rather than a fighting or fist style. Students of Ving Tsun develop a foundation of proven martial arts principles, rather than simply memorizing a collection of techniques. Through training, a student conditions their body to perform the most economical movements along the centerline. As a result, a Ving Tsun student can use a number of powerful hand and foot techniques, employ simultaneous offense and defense and engage hand-trapping skills.

Our Ving Tsun curriculum is based on three open hand forms, several two-person drills, and Chi Sau. The practice of these forms and exercises, as well as the study of the Ving Tsun principles, is the foundation of our training. Advanced training on the Muk Yan Jong (wooden dummy) and Ving Tsun weapons allows a practitioner to further refine their kung fu in the pursuit of mastering the art.



Forms are used to condition the body and, through repetition, develop muscle memory so that Ving Tsun positions become more and more potent. Eventually, applying Ving Tsun turns into a reflex, allowing the student to react to a situation much quicker than if they have to think about what action is required.



There are several drills in the Ving Tsun system. These drills allow students to put the Ving Tsun principles learned through the forms into practice with a partner. As the students progress, they will begin working on the Chi Sau exercise, where students exchange techniques in a free flowing dynamic environment. Chi Sau develops good fighting habits ideal for self defense.


Wooden Dummy (Muk Yan Jong)

Muk Yan Jong, sometimes called “Moy Fah Jong” or “wooden dummy” is used to practice applied Ving Tsun.  An eight-part form consisting of 108 Ving Tsun techniques is taught to expert level practitioners. The Jong is not used to learn Kung Fu but to perfect it.


Ving Tsun is known for its effective simplicity and the weapons that are a part of the system show just that. There are two weapons that are a part of the Ving Tsun system, the Luk Dim Boon Kwan (6 1/2 point pole) and the Baat Jam Doa (eight-way chopping knives).


The hand that hits also blocks.
— Kuen Kuit